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U000.1.1 Memory and Commitment   Serota, Phyllis  
E000.1.1 Nelly Auersperg   Elder, Manon  
M000.1.5 Untitled; Plant With Mountai...   Maltwood, Katharine Emma
M000.2.1 Untitled (Arbutus and Lilies)   Maltwood, Katharine Emma  
E000.2.1 Qwa-Ya   Paul, Tim  
M000.2.2 Untitled; Lilies On The Hill...   Maltwood, Katharine Emma  
E000.2.2 Qwa-Ya   Paul, Tim  
M000.2.3 Untitled (Gnarled Arbutus)   Maltwood, Katharine Emma  
E000.2.3 Qwa-Ya   Paul, Tim  
M000.2.4 The Sunrise Before Another S...   Maltwood, Katharine Emma  
M000.2.5 Untitled; (Chocolate Lily)   Maltwood, Katharine Emma  
M000.2.6 Untitled (Valley Surrounded ...   Maltwood, Katharine Emma  
M000.2.7 Untitled; Yellow Lilies With...   Maltwood, Katharine Emma  
U000.3.1 Untitled; Portrait Of A Youn...   Unknown  
E000.4.1 Wooden pencil with Chinese c...   unknown
U000.4.1-1 Untitled (Three Panel Tapest...   Kupczynski, Eva
U000.4.1-2 Untitled (Three Panel Tapest...   Kupczynski, Eva
U000.4.1-3 Untitled (Three Panel Tapest...   Kupczynski, Eva
U000.4.2 Tsawassen Suite   Sabiston, Carole RCA  
E000.4.2 Unknown (inscribed metal bell)   Unknown
E000.4.3 Chinese wood spoon   unknown
U000.4.3-1 Howe Sound Suite (panel 1 0f...   Sabiston, Carole RCA  
E000.4.4 Large, round wooden spoon   unknown
E000.4.5 Metal and wood cigarette/pipe   unknown
E000.4.6 Yellow plastic tweezers   Dupont, E .
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