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Untitled; (Overlapping people)   U011.114.10 Drawing
Untitled; (Female nude)   U998.24.37 Nude portrait
Robin And Herbert Both 60   U998.33.22 Ink, Watercolour 
Priest, Poet, Professor   U998.33.7 Ink 
Untitled (Hannelore)   U998.31.9 Charcoal And Pencil 
Figure Drawing   U998.24.36 Ink
Choco-Omo   E985.5.2 Ink
Relax the Eye   E985.5.1 Ink
Aus Der Arktis Kommt Die Ens...   U998.19.1 Graphite 
Snarling Cat   L005.1.2 Pencil Crayon 
Untitled (9 Sketches)   U998.15.20 Graphite; Watercolour 
Act IV   U998.15.19 Ink; Graphite; Acrylic
At Henley On Thames   U998.15.17 Pencil
Untitled (Sketch of an Arch)   U998.15.16 Graphite 
Untitled (Abstract)   U998.15.12 Pastel 
Snowy Woods   U997.9.1 Graphite; conte 
Untitled; Preparatory Drawin...   U990.14.1599 Pen and ink 
Untitled   U990.14.1592 Ink 
Thunderbird and Killer Whale   U990.14.532 Ink and acrylic 
Untitled   U990.14.1501 Drawing; Draft
Untitled   U990.14.1500 Drawing; Draft 
Spout Of The Eagle Feathers ...   U990.14.1499 Drawing; Draft
Eagle And Dog Salmon   U990.14.1498 Graphite
Untitled   U990.14.1489 Graphite
Untitled (Sketch)   U990.14.1487 Drawing; Graphite
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