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Brass Holder for Headgear   U998.26.10-2 Brass 
Chinese Plume And Case   U998.26.33 Feather; wood; cardboard 
Wooden Shoe Insert   U998.26.19 Wood 
Wooden Shoe Insert   U998.26.18 Wood 
Untitled (Maori Club)   U998.20.1 Wood
Floating Forms   U998.24.44 Intaglio Etching and Collage
Lovebook   U998.33.15 Collaged paper and ink 
Robin Skelton: Schriftstelle...   U998.33.14 Mixed media: Paper, Velvet, Wood 
Mask For Robin On Xmas From ...   U998.33.6 Ink; Gouache? Acetate? 
Riddle For Robin   U998.33.5 Ink 
Art: A Celebration Of Canadi...   E998.5.8 Ink 
Ubc Women's Centre Presents ...   E998.5.2 Serigraph 
Flohmarkt Franfurt   E998.5.1 Poster
Untitled (Earle Birney's 'A ...   E992.3.1 Etching
Untitled (Coat of Arms)   E992.2.2 Wood; Plastic 
Untitled (Sunflowers)   E992.1.1 Ink
Untitled (Kobukson)   E992.2.1 Bronze; Wood; Fabric; Paper 
Untitled (BC Landscape)   E987.1.1 Ink 
Untitled (Medieval effigy)   E985.7.8 Ink 
Untitled (Jane Cradock)   E985.7.6 Ink 
Untitled (Brygete)   E985.7.5 Ink 
Untitled (Crucifix and Trini...   E985.7.4 Ink 
Untitled (Knight and Lady)   E985.7.3 Ink 
Untitled (Sir Peter Courtenay)   E985.7.2 Ink 
Untitled (Crucifixion Scene)   E985.7.10 Ink 
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