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Untitled (Abstract Skull)   U011.115.8 Lithograph
Guilt Germ   U998.24.49 Etching/ Drypoint; Embroidery
Guilt Germ   U998.24.48 Etching/ Drypoint; Fabric paint; Glitter glue
Courtesan   U998.24.47 Etching
Solo # 1   U998.24.46 Etching
The Lonely Land   U998.24.43 Etching
Untitled (Abstract fish skel...   U998.24.42 Print; Etching; Drypoint
Kwakiutl Thunderbird   U013.6.1 Serigraph 
Untitled; (Grey abstract for...   U998.24.41 Etching
Untitled; (Black on white ab...   U998.24.39 Etching
Colour Forms   U998.24.40 Etching
Bella Belle   U998.33.17 Woodcut 
Stetliner Schloss   U998.33.12 Lithograph 
Two Brothers Seeing A Star   U998.33.11 Serigraph 
Untitled; (Three Abstract Fi...   U998.33.19 Lithograph 
From A Limner To A Limner   U998.33.18 Linocut 
Untitled (woman)   U998.33.9 Linocut And Ink 
Joker With Egg   U998.33.8 Ink and watercolour 
A Limner Special For Robin   U998.33.4 Lithograph 
Frau Munch Going For A Dip   U998.33.3 Woodcut 
Three Nudes   U998.31.6 Ink And Wash 
Hoppa, Hoppa Reiter   U998.31.4 Linocut 
Fairytale   U998.31.3 Woodcut 
Between Baltic And North Sea   U998.31.2 Lithograph 
Beach Cabanas   U998.31.1 Watercolour 
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