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Dtv, Wertvolle Geschenke Mü...   E998.5.10 Ink 
Sail Bremerhaven '86   E998.5.7 Ink
Dtv, Wertvolle Geschenke Mus...   E998.5.9 Ink 
Germanica   E998.5.5 Ink 
Sail Bremerhaven '86   E998.5.6 Ink
International Festival And C...   E998.5.4 Ink 
Obere Galerie, Herbert Siebner   E998.5.3 Ink 
Reproduction of the original...   U998.24.20 Reproduction of Coloured Engraving 
Elliott Erwitt (Personal Exp...   E990.2.5
Deaf Mute in the Pear Tree   U007.15.1 print 
Magma   U997.34.1 Etching; Relief 
Untitled (Map of Africa)   U001.11.1053 Print
Kwakiutl Raven and Sun; Poster   U990.14.33 Photo mechanical print 
Vine Wallpaper   U996.15.1  
Arte Italiana (panel design)   M970.10.9 Lithograph 
Untitled (design for the bac...   M970.10.66 Serigraph 
Untitled ("Arte Italiana" Jo...   M970.10.64 Lithograph 
Vegetale, Modello per Carta ...   M970.10.62 Lithograph 
Untitled ("Arte italiana" Jo...   M970.10.6 Lithograph 
Untitled (firescreen execute...   M970.10.54 Serigraph 
Untitled (wallpaper design w...   M970.10.52 Serigraph 
Untitled (design for firescr...   M970.10.46 Serigraph 
Untitled (design for a fires...   M970.10.41 Serigraph 
Untitled (Textile print desi...   M970.10.4 Serigraph 
Untitled (window design for ...   M970.10.37 Serigraph 
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