Records with Unspecified Geographical Origin

Untitled; (Overlapping people)   unknown
Untitled (Abstract Skull)   Jackh, Christopher
Guilt Germ   Powell, Chrissy
Guilt Germ   Powell, Chrissy
Courtesan   Jeffrey, Art
Solo # 1   Clement, George
Newfoundland Gros Morne Coas...   Olio, Margitta Ben
Floating Forms   Ruzicka, Deryl
The Lonely Land   Nymark, C .
Untitled (Abstract fish skel...   Ruzicka, Deryl
Untitled; (Grey abstract for...   Ruzicka, Deryl
Colour Forms   Ruzicka, Deryl
Folder for "Flowers From the...   Unknown
Untitled; (Female nude)   Faris, Valerie
Prime Evil   Jackh, Christopher
Five Sleeping   Naylor, Rory
Untitled (Abstract)   Naylor, Rory
Faces   Turner, S .
Synthesis   Russell, John RCA  
Brindio   Martinez, Dione
Unknown   Mendive, Manuel
Unknown   Unknown Artist
Figure And Mirror   Morris, Michael RCA  
Owl   Cowan, Pip
Kwagulth Seal   Charlie, Lorraine
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