Records where Geographical Origin is "Alberta, Canada"

Shining Mountains, Backbone ...   Milne, Courtney  
Head-Smashed-In, Climax Of T...   Milne, Courtney
Loquat Fruit Blossom   Mozhi, Chen  
Peach Blossom   Mozhi, Chen  
Rotunda, Parliament Bldgs, E...   Graham, Philip  
Great Tribunal   Sawai, Noboru
Tribute to the Old Masters   Sawai, Noboru
Our Cultural Heritage   Sawai, Noboru
Funeral   Sawai, Noboru  
Matrimony   Sawai, Noboru
Untitled (Photographic Mater...   Unknown  
Untitled (Artwork Transparen...   Unknown
Untitled (Jar)   Alberta Potteries  
The Dance Of The Bharata   Bates, Patricia Martin; Bates, Pat Martin