Records where Geographical Origin is "BC"

Snarling Cat   Cragg, Heather  
Nicola Study   Cragg, Heather  
Medals of Honor   Sabiston, Carole RCA  
Untitled (Exhibition Poster,...   Bates, Patricia Martin; Pat  
Poster for Limner's at Horiz...   Siebner, Herbert Johannes Joseph RCA  
Thermopylae   Armstrong, Malcolm C.
Landscape (Trees, River)   Cullison, L.
Arctic Fox   Renk, Eric
Aligator and Dragonfly   Cragg, Heather  
Coventry Mirage   Cragg, Heather  
Untitled (Nude wth Artist in...   Wilkinson, Jack ; (John Craig Seaton Wilksinson)
Stump at Totem Spit   Howarth, Glenn E.  
Headstand is Not Walking   Siebner, Herbert Johannes Joseph RCA
Family Outing in Antiquity   Siebner, Herbert Johannes Joseph RCA  
Long House at Alert Bay   Stoney, Marie
Group of Birds   Kakinuma, Thomas
Untitled (Thrown Pot)   Unknown, "John and Daun?'  
Untitled (Red Clay Bisque Pe...   Unknown Artist
Untitled (Steel Sculpture)   Snider, Greg
The Peartree of Illusion   Bates, Patricia Martin; Pat  
The Spring Sprung Songs of t...   Bates, Patricia Martin; Pat