Records where Geographical Origin is "British Columbia; Canada"

One Horned Goat   Blackstock, Michael ; Ama Goodim Gyet  
Raven Dancer   Starr, Terry
Canoe   Cranmer, Doug ; Pal'nakwala Wakas  
Tii-Bin; (Seal)   Starr, Terry
Killer Whale Female   Reece, Heber
Raven And The Sun   Greene, Stan
Raven Princess   Reece, Heber
Tsimshian Eagle   Reece, Heber
Tsimshian Wolf   Reece, Heber
Totem Pole Fragment   Unknown  
Canoe   Starr, Terry
Soul Catcher   Starr, Terry
Raven Finned Killer Whale   Starr, Terry
Frog   Starr, Terry
Dawn Of The Salmon People   Starr, Terry
Egg   Starr, Terry
Reflection of Destiny   Helin, Bill
Frog   Starr, Terry
Raven and Sun   Wesley, Ray
Eagle Catching Spring Salmon   Helin, Bill
Flight To Heaven   Helin, Bill
Tsimpshian Eagle   Hudson, Jack
Two Whales   Wesley, Ray
Sun   Wesley, Ray
Sea Monster   Stephens, Vernon
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