Records where Geographical Origin is "Canada; British Columbia"

Thunderbird and Killerwhale   lessLIE, ; Sam, Leslie Robert  
Untitled (Samuel Maclure Des...   Lotto, Victor
The British Columbia Parliam...   German, Maurice  
tHEIRS   lessLIE, ; Sam, Leslie Robert  
Mandala   Thomas, Dylan ; Qwul'thilum
Thunderbird Paddle   Johnny, Maynard Jr.  
Conservation   Paul, Chris  
Sun, Salmon, Frogs, and Ravens   lessLIE, ; Sam, Leslie Robert  
Four Serpents   lessLIE, ; Sam, Leslie Robert  
Over Black Tusk   Point, Susan A.
Devotion   Point, Susan A.
Wuhus (Frog)   Johnny, Maynard Jr.  
Mandala   Thomas, Dylan ; Qwul'thilum
Salish Community   lessLIE, ; Sam, Leslie Robert  
Eagle Nest   Everson, Andy ; Nagedzi
Wuhus (Frog)   Johnny, Maynard Jr.  
Salmon Cycle   Marston, John ; Qap'u'luq  
Spa Eth (Bear)   Johnny, Maynard Jr.  
Swan Drum   Paul, Chris  
Answer to the Call   Johnny, Maynard Jr.  
Middle Point   lessLIE, ; Sam, Leslie Robert  
Thunderbird and Killer Whale   Marston, Luke ; Ts'uts'umult  
Devotion   Point, Susan A.
Clown in Body Leotard, Looki...   Raginsky, Nina
Young Woman in Dark Fur Jacket   Raginsky, Nina
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