Records where Geographical Origin is "Haida Gwaii or Queen Charlotte Islands; British Columbia; Canada"

Untitled (Figure and Bears)   Unknown  
Haida Raven   Campbell, Lyle
Untitled (Basket)   Unknown  
Henry's Dragonfly   Campbell, Lyle
Spring   Edenshaw, Gwaai ; (Hluugiitgaa)
Eagle and Scallop   Edenshaw, Wayne
Eagles Heart   Edenshaw, Wayne
Mother Bear and Cubs   Edenshaw, Wayne
Eagle   Edenshaw, Wayne
Haida Box   Greene, Jeff
Killerwhale   Edenshaw, Wayne
Raven and Moon   Edenshaw, Wayne
Raven   Edenshaw, Wayne
Jaada   Parnell, Eric
Ethan and Isaiah   Parnell, Eric
Wolf   Parnell, Eric
Eagle   Parnell, Eric
Haida Raven   Reid, Bill RCA
Haida Dog Salmon   Reid, Bill RCA
Haida Sockeye Salmon   Reid, Bill RCA
Haida Eagle   Reid, Bill RCA