Records where Geographical Origin is "India"

Indian Battle Axe   Unknown  
Untitled (Dish)   Unknown  
Untitled (Ivory Buffalo)   Unknown  
A Single Figure   Unknown  
Prince With Two Attendants   Unknown  
Untitled (Abstract)   Sharma, Bhawana
Untitled (Abstract)   Sharma, Bhawana
Untitled (Abstract Interior)   Sharma, Bhawana
Untitled (Head)   Unknown  
Untitled (Head)   Unknown  
Untitled (Three Preliminary ...   Chinnery, George  
Untitled (garment)   Unknown  
Indian Shield   Unknown  
Photograph of the Maharajah ...   Bourne, Samuel and Shepherd, Charles,  
Untitled (Fresco Piece)   Ahmed, Syed  
Indian Miniature   Unknown
Radha and Krishna   Unknown
Indian Miniature   Madhumalati,
Indian Miniature: Sitting Ma...   Unknown
Indian Miniature: Girl in Wh...   Unknown
Indian Miniature: Man Playin...   Unknown
Untitled (Navy and Gold Thre...   unknown
Untitled (Horses and Riders)   Bourne and Shepherd Studio,