Records where Geographical Origin is "India"

Indian Battle Axe   Unknown  
Untitled (Dish)   Unknown  
Untitled (Ivory Buffalo)   Unknown  
A Single Figure   Unknown  
Prince With Two Attendants   Unknown  
Untitled   Sharma, Bhawana
Untitled   Sharma, Bhawana
Untitled   Sharma, Bhawana
Untitled (Head)   Unknown  
Untitled (Head)   Unknown  
Untitled; (Three Preliminary...   Chinnery, George  
Untitled (Garment)   Unknown  
Indian Shield   Unknown  
Photograph of the Maharajah ...   Shepherd, Samuel Bourne and Charles  
Untitled; Fresco Piece   Ahmed, Syed  
Indian Miniature   Unknown
Radha and Krishna   Unknown
Indian Miniature   Madhumalati,
Indian Miniature: Sitting Ma...   Unknown
Indian Miniature: Girl in Wh...   Unknown
Indian Miniature: Man Playin...   Unknown
Untitled (Navy and Gold Thre...   unknown
Untitled; (horses and riders)   Bourne and Shepherd Studio,