Records where Geographical Origin is "London, England"

Wellington and Blucher, meet...   Stocks, Lumb
Guard at Buckingham Palace   Raginsky, Nina
Untitled (Map of Africa)   Publishers, Laurie & Whittle
The Death of Nelson at the B...   Sharpe, Charles W.  
Vine Wallpaper   William Morris and Co.  
Untitled (Tudric cake stand)   Knox, Archibald Designer for Liberty & Co.; Co., London [distribution]; W.H. Haseler's of Birmingham [manufacturer]  
Untitled (Tudric Compote)   Liberty & Co., London,  
Untitled (Tudric Tea Service...   Liberty & Co., London,  
Untitled (Tudric Pewterware ...   Liberty & Co., London,  
Untitled (Tudric tea service...   Liberty & Co., London,
American Tourist in Portobel...   Raginsky, Nina  
Sterling Silver Candlesticks   Black, Louis  
English Silver Poultry skewer   Tayler, Thomas  
Violin Busker in Front of Wi...   Raginsky, Nina
Young Man with Curly Hair   Raginsky, Nina
A Car's Reflection   Raginsky, Nina
English Silver Mustard Pot w...   I.J.,  
Set of 8 English Silver Teas...   England,  
English Silver Goblet   Eley, William  
Serious Young Man   Raginsky, Nina
Untitled; pewter pitcher   Unknown
Untitled; pewter pitcher   Unknown
Untitled; pewter pitcher   Unknown
Untitled; large pewter plate   Unknown; BG
Untitled; large pewter plate   Westcott, John
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