Records where Geographical Origin is "North America"

Untitled (Wooden Paddle)   Unknown  
Untitled (Wooden Paddle)   Unknown  
Untitled; (Stained Glass Win...   Unknown  
Cliff   Morris, Michael RCA  
Unknown   Decker, Barry J.
Bali Outs   Spreitz, Karl
Martha   Spreitz, Karl
Untitled (Pierre Trudeau Vie...   Zimbel, George
The Politicians or Boatmen i...   Baixeras, V.D .  
They said we'd never run out...   Unknown; Greenpeace
Untitled (carved walrus peni...   Unknown
Join the movement to save Cl...   Unknown; Greenpeace
Mallet Head   Unknown
Bowl   Laffin, Heinz
Chris Causton   Goatley, David
Queen   Kananji, Peter
Untitled; (Male Bust)   Kananji, Peter
Untitled (Bust of Man)   Unknown Artist
Untitled (Female Bust)   K., Peter
Heartless   Schaddelee, Maarten
Delicate Balance   Schaddelee, Maarten
Native Heritage   Spreitz, Karl
Miscellaneous   Spreitz, Karl
Artists- Mixed   Spreitz, Karl
Historic   Spreitz, Karl
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