Records where Geographical Origin is "Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada"

#67 Carmanah   Scholes, Graham  
Untitled (Basketry Covered B...   Unknown  
Wikaninnish, House Of The Sa...   Milne, Courtney  
Untitled (Abstract Collage)   Forrest, Nita  
Stingray Design   Hamilton, Ron ; Haupquatchew  
Untitled (Spirit Bowl)   Hara, Sue
#36 Cape Scott   Scholes, Graham  
Untitled (Grouse)   Keir, Thomas G.  
Untitled (Wooden Spoon)   Unknown  
Untitled (Wooden Spoon)   Unknown  
Oval Mat   Unknown  
Model Paddle   Unknown  
Blue Interior II   Jorgensen, Flemming  
Untitled (Bracelet)   Jones, Peter
Untitled (Incised Stone with...   Cranmer, Doug ; Pal'nakwala Wakas  
Wild Woman   Cranmer, Doug ; Pal'nakwala Wakas  
Untitled (Basket with Lid)   Unknown  
Untitled (Painted Cedarbark ...   Unknown  
Untitled (Miniature Basket w...   Unknown  
S,yewe History Pole   Elliott, Charles W.; Temosen-hut  
West Coast Of Vancouver Isla...   Jensen, David  
Another Rain Forest   Collier, Alan
Summer   Featherstone, Devon
Night Island Ferry   Howarth, Glenn E.  
Creations (Salish ceremonial...   Salazar, Manuel ; (Manny)
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