Records where Geographical Origin is "Victoria, BC"

Syn-Optica # 3   Kyle, Joseph
Heritage Architecture of Vic...   Black, Kathy
Heritage Architecture of Vic...   Unknown
Heritage Architecture of Vic...   Duke, Molly
Labyrinth   Irwin, P.K. ; Page, P.K. ; Irwin, Patricia Kathleen  
Art Street   David, ; Brendan, ; Shane, ; Sumi, ; Claudia, ; Cole, ; Trist,
Untitled (Figure)   Forrest, Nita  
Four Bathers by the Lake   Howarth, Glenn E.  
Going South   Whiting, David John
Across the Street   Sanders, George Minard
Edge of the Field (IIX90 Sal...   Sanders, George Minard  
Untitled (Chatham and Discov...   MacQueen, A. Taylor  
Stanfield Church   Unknown
The Big Untitled   Keenan, Heather
Beacon Hill Park   Wise, Jack
Untitled (Petch Fountain Uni...   Rasmussen, Avis
Petch Fountain UVic   Rasmussen, Avis
Untitled (Petch Fountain Loo...   Rasmussen, Avis
Untitled (McPherson Library)   Rasmussen, Avis
Piazza San Marco, Venice   Grison, Brian
Untitled (Green Vase)   Grove, Jan
Oak Bay Boats, Victoria BC   Rasmussen, Avis
Untitled (Buckerfield's Buil...   unknown
Kamakura to Edo poster   unknown
Untitled (Totem series)   Howarth, Glenn E.  
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