Records where Geographical Origin is "Victoria, Bc Canada"

Two Brothers Seeing A Star   Siebner, Herbert Johannes Joseph RCA  
Exhibition Poster; Landscape...   Unknown
Gaia #24   Kyle, Joseph  
Untitled (Photograph of Orig...   Artist, Unknown  
Snow Melt   Graham, Colin D. R.C.A.  
Lansdowne Oaks I   Rasmussen, Avis  
Lansdowne Oaks II   Rasmussen, Avis  
Mother's Sweetpeas   Rasmussen, Avis  
Adobe Still Arbourfield, bac...   Rasmussen, Avis  
Sprightly Dance of Spring   Rasmussen, Avis  
Untitled (Flower)   Rasmussen, Avis  
Untitled (Wild Rose)   Rasmussen, Avis  
Sweetpeas from Arbourfield   Rasmussen, Avis  
Inner Harbour 13   Howarth, Glenn E.  
Ogden Point   Howarth, Glenn E.  
Forest Pond   Howarth, Glenn E.  
Inner Harbour 4, Coffin Isla...   Howarth, Glenn E.  
Untitled (Military Man)   Howarth, Glenn E.  
Wet Sails   Howarth, Glenn E.  
Untitled (Seascape)   Howarth, Glenn E.