Records where Geographical Origin is "Victoria, British Columbia, Canada"

Street Corner   Wooldridge, Andy  
Carved Soapstone Leaf   Skelton, Robin  
White Field   Harvey, Donald  
Hidden Sea (Baltic Sea)   Siebner, Herbert Johannes Joseph RCA  
Victoria Vignette '64   Asquin,
Gods of the Sun Dogs   Peterson, Margaret Ellen  
Easter Lilies   Sartain, Emily  
Dr. J. A. Cunningham   Pavelic, Myfanwy Spencer  
Untitled (Leaded Stained Gla...   Maclure, Samuel  
Salal, Rosa gymnocarpa   Duer, Elizabeth Yeend; Gyokushō玉蕉  
Honey Suckle, Poison or Deat...   Duer, Elizabeth Yeend; Gyokushō玉蕉  
Bleeding Heart, Wild Tulip: ...   Duer, Elizabeth Yeend; Gyokushō玉蕉  
"1205"   Pavelic, Myfanwy Spencer  
Curtain With Peacock Tail Pa...   Falk, Gathie RCA
Sketch No.1 (Proscenium Hous...   Siebner, Herbert Johannes Joseph RCA  
Max Remembered   Pavelic, Myfanwy Spencer  
Despair   Pavelic, Myfanwy Spencer  
Dr. J. Ewing   Pavelic, Myfanwy Spencer  
Chew Out The ...   Hodder, Geoffrey  
The Couple   Siebner, Herbert Johannes Joseph RCA  
Two Opposite Times Two...   Bates, Patricia Martin; Bates, Pat Martin
Untitled (Table with Candle ...   Cotton, Peter  
Untitled (butter knife)   Glyde, K.E.
Gulf Islands   Beer, Patricia  
Untitled (Photograph of Swan...   Unknown
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