Records where Geographical Origin is "Victoria, British Columbia Canada"

Bird Cherry, Oso Berry, Red ...   Duer, Elizabeth Yeend; Gyokushō玉蕉  
Vidia While Writing   Thorne, Miriam
Untitled   Metcalfe, Eric  
Sketch No.2   Siebner, Herbert Johannes Joseph RCA  
Untitled ("Dualities" Exhibi...   Siebner, Herbert Johannes Joseph RCA  
Study of Shells   Cragg, Heather  
Flower Study   Cragg, Heather  
Figure Study   Cragg, Heather  
Study of Hands   Cragg, Heather  
Study of Hand and Foot   Cragg, Heather  
Beware the Trickster   Rae, Carol
Untitled (Island Illustrator...   Henrich, Soren
650 Pembroke Street   Kidder, Jack  
Olympic Mountains From The P...   Onley, Norman Antonio (Toni)  
Cold Bay   Onley, Norman Antonio (Toni)  
Zone 1   Onley, Norman Antonio (Toni)  
Untitled (Abstract Face)   Bates, Maxwell  
Untitled (female head)   Lowry, Miles
Vase Convex-Concave   Grove, Jan  
Untitled (Abstract Vase)   Grove, Jan  
Studio #7   Laver, Mark  
Trickster of Strings   Rae, Carol
Bar Maids II   Merino, Luis  
Michael's Place 1   Gordaneer, James  
Blue Hill   Graham, Colin D. R.C.A.  
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