Records where Geographical Origin is "West Coast, Canada"

Arbutus Shedding Bark   Weston, William Percival  
Mars - A Dream Come True   Anderson, King  
Untitled (abstract with phot...   Anderson, King  
Twilight Express   Balzar, Joan  
Euro-Tour Commemorative SS-4   Banana, Anna  
Earth Watch   Blaze, Mary  
Still Life   Blunt, Susanna
Untitled (Body Parts Series)   Blunt, Susanna
Portrait of an Offshore Isla...   Bollerup, Ross  
Waterfall Marriage   Bollerup, Ross  
Swimmers at the Shore   Bond, Richard  
Pathways and Circles   Capel-Doray, Audrey  
Going Strong   Krabbendam, Jeanne
Marks of Habitation #7   Capel-Doray, Audrey  
The Other Plane   Labelle, Leo  
Natural Forces - Wedge   Capel-Doray, Audrey  
Untitled IV (Terminal Series)   Coupey, Pierre  
Variations Done for B.P Nich...   Coupey, Pierre  
Ribcage   Coupey, Pierre  
Drift-Winter   McAlpine, Heather  
Untitled (Stripes)   Felter, James W.; Jas  
The Russian Panel   Felter, James W.; Jas  
Mexican Landscape   Gibbons-Barrett, Stephen  
Salzburg (Seated Figure)   Reid, Richard RCA  
Demonstration Oka   Robideau, Henri  
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