Double Vase (Ceramic Vessel)   Meares, Ina (Hermina)
Timothy and Eunice; stained ...   William Morris and Co.; Burne-Jones, Edward Coley  
Golden Bough (tablecloth)   William Morris and Co.  
Vine Wallpaper   William Morris and Co.  
Untitled (Ceramic Elephant)   Van Briggle Pottery Co.,  
Untitled (tea caddy)   Liberty & Co., London,  
Untitled (Hatpin)   Co., R. Blackinton &  
Untitled (Fish Knives and Fo...   Riemann and Enschlager,  
Untitled (Saucer)   Ansley,  
Untitled (Plate)   Doulton, Royal  
Untitled (Turquoise Majolica...   Zell United Ceramic Factories, ; Zell, Georg  
Untitled (Six Teaspoons)   Unknown  
Untitled (Tudric Cocoa Pot)   Liberty & Co., London,  
Untitled (Compote)   Unknown  
Untitled (Tudric Napkin Rings)   Liberty & Co., London,  
Untitled (Copper Dish)   Unknown  
Untitled (Silver Plated Suga...   Unknown  
Untitled (Vase)   Van Briggle Pottery Co.,  
Untitled (Vase)   Rookwood Pottery Co.
Untitled (Bowl)   Unknown  
Untitled (Vase)   Briggle, Artus Van  
Untitled (copper decoration)   Unknown  
Untitled; Tea Caddy   Liberty & Co., London,  
Untitled (Pot)   Van Briggle Pottery Co.,  
Untitled (Tudric ink Stand)   Liberty & Co., London,  
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