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Zell United Ceramic Factories, ; Zell, Georg
    Untitled (Turquoise Majolica...  Ceramic; enamel paint; glaze 
Zbinden, Emil
    Schweizer Landschaft  Woodcut 
Zaneware Pottery Co.
    Untitled (Zanesville Pot)  Earthenware; glaze 
Zach, Jan
    Untitled (Sketch of rock for...  Oil pastel on paper 
Yuryanov, Robert
    Building Rhythms  Etching 
Young, Robert
    Dream Of Dionysus  Serigraph 
Young, Henry
    Untitled (Pole)  Argillite 
    Stove Lantern  Woodcut 
Yin, Tang
    Gathering Of Taoist Immortal...  Ink; pigment 
Yin, Shen Hong
    Rain Storm; Village  Ink and brush painting 
    Birds at Wellington, ON  ink and brush painting 
Yeomans, Don
    The Runner  Serigraph 
    Whale and Frogs  Serigraph 
    Cheena  Serigraph 
    Supernatural Raven With Sun  Serigraph 
    Sea Wolf  Serigraph 
    Raven With Sun  Serigraph 
    Haida Dogfish  Serigraph 
    Ceremonial Furniture; Chance...  Cedar; acrylic 
    Gunarch And The Whale #4  Serigraph 
    Gunarch And The Whale #3  Serigraph 
    Gunarch And The Whale #1  Serigraph 
    Raven Brings Light To The Wo...  Serigraph 
    Beaver  Serigraph 
    Berry Picker  Serigraph 
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