Jackh, Christopher

Works (58):

"Pop" Boxers   U012.5.1 Serigraph
A Man and a Woman   U011.109.4 Collograph
An Analogy   E012.4.1 Serigraph prints in bound book 
Beaver   U011.115.29 Lithograph
Beaver   U011.115.30 Lithograph
Beaver   U011.115.31 Serigraph
Beaver   U011.115.32 Serigraph
Breasts and Feet   U001.30.2 acrylic
D   U012.13.1 Serigraph
Drypoint - Plexiglass   U011.115.34 Etching
Feet With Apple   U011.115.10 Lithograph
Find? seek   U012.12.1 Etching
Melkin, Proof State 1   U012.16.1 Etching
Melkin, Proof State II   U012.16.2 Etching
Melkin, Proof State III   U012.16.3 Serigraph
Prime Evil   U011.109.1 Serigraph
Prime Evil   U011.109.2 Serigraph
Prime Evil   U011.109.3 Serigraph
Proof in Red   U011.115.13 Lithograph
Proof in Red (Feet and Apple)   U011.115.12 Lithograph
Proof State   U011.115.11 Lithograph
Queen of Spades, 11/15   U012.5.27 Serigraph
Slurp   U011.115.14 Etching
Slurp   U011.115.15 Etching
Slurp   U011.115.16 Etching
Sweet 4 Some   U012.14.1 Serigraph
Triconderoga   U011.115.17 Etching
Triconderoga   U011.115.18 Etching
Uli   U012.11.3 Print
Uli   U012.11.1 Etching
Uli, 2/3   U012.11.4 Print
Untitled (Abstract Skull)   U011.115.4 Lithograph
Untitled (Abstract Skull)   U011.115.5 Lithograph
Untitled (Abstract Skull)   U011.115.6 Lithograph
Untitled (Abstract Skull)   U011.115.7 Lithograph
Untitled (Abstract Skull)   U011.115.8 Lithograph
Untitled (abstract)   U001.30.1 Acrylic
Untitled (By the Pool)   U011.115.19 Lithograph
Untitled (By the Pool)   U011.115.20 Lithograph
Untitled (by the pool)   U011.115.21 Serigraph
Untitled (by the pool)   U011.115.23 Serigraph
Untitled (by the pool)   U011.115.24 Serigraph
Untitled (by the pool)   U011.115.25 Serigraph
Untitled (by the pool)   U011.115.26 Serigraph
Untitled (by the pool)   U011.115.27 Serigraph
Untitled (By the Pool)   U011.115.28 Serigraph
Untitled (Many Faces)   U011.114.1 Etching
Untitled (Polychromatic)   U980.8.1-1 Acrylic
Untitled (Polychromatic)   U980.8.1-2 Acrylic
Untitled (Proof in Blue)   U011.115.9 Lithograph
Untitled (Proof)   U012.18.1 Etching
Untitled (Proof)   U012.19.1 Etching
Untitled (Purple and White)   U980.11.1 Acrylic 
Untitled (White 3D Canvas)   U980.8.2-1 Acrylic