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West African Beads   Unknown Artist  
Untitled (Mvet)   Unknown  
Untitled (Mask)   unknown
Untitled (Head of Stool Carr...   Ampofu, Oku  
Rainmaker   Unknown Artist
Small Tusk   Unknown  
Leather Button and Thong   Unknown  
Grass Mat   Unknown  
Woven Shawl   Unknown  
Pouch and Belt   Unknown  
Clubs   Unknown  
Arrows With Iron Points   Unknown  
Spears   Unknown  
Coiled Basket   Unknown  
Coiled Basket with Lid   Unknown  
Coiled Basket With Lid   Unknown  
African Drum   Unknown  
Untitled (Mat)   Unknown  
Coiled Tray   Unknown  
Coiled Fan   Unknown  
Plaited Tray   Unknown  
Untitled (Mat)   Unknown  
Untitled (Coiled Basketry Mat)   Unknown  
Untitled (Mat)   Unknown  
Untitled (Mat)   Unknown  
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