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British Political Character ...   Fores, S.W.  
Whitby Church   Carter, Henry Barlow
Sailboats on Rough Water   Goodwin, W.S. ; Sydney  
Gateway to Castle Acre Priory   Hall, Oliver
Quick Work Without A Contrac...   Aiken, H.  
The Honours of the Sitting!!...   Fores, S.W.  
The First Interview or the P...   Fores, S.W.  
His Excellency Sir Francis B...   Cook, Nelson ; Turner, C.  
St. James Street in an Uproa...   Fores, S.W.  
Diamond Cut Diamond - Intend...   Fores, S.W.  
The Guard Wot Looks After th...   McLean, T.  
The Cad to the Man Wot Drive...   McLean, T.  
Rooster   Thomson, J. Clifton  
Brown Horse   Thomson, J. Clifton
Prince Alexander Mavrocordato   Simonav, P. ; Friedel, A.  
No More..   Fores, S.W.
The Royal Introduction   Fores, S.W.
The Snow Bird from Hudson's ...   Northcote, Samuel Jr.  
Six Horses and a Donkey   Cooper, Edwin
Brown Horse   Thomson, J. Clifton
Horse   Cooper, Thomas S.
Bend Or   Clark, A.
Racehorse   Wheeler, James
"Victoria: Queen and Ruler"   Crawford, Emily
Wallpaper Sample "Bower" (p...   William Morris and Company  
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