American, in this heading, describes those who are living in America and have European ancestry.

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The Prevailing Wind   Herem, Barry
Killerwhale And Sea Lion   Speer, Tom
Land Otter Man   Herem, Barry
Homage to Elza   McKiernan, Duncan Yves  
Two Frogs   Herem, Barry  
The Birth of Fire   Peterson, Margaret Ellen  
The Whale And Raven   Herem, Barry
Untitled (Even-arm Single Oa...   Unknown; American (Craftsman Studios or Charles P. Limbert Company)  
Untitled (American Craftsman...   Stickley, Gustav - Designer and manufacturer; founder of Gustav Stickley Company; American Craftsman (Manufacturer)  
Untitled (Leaded Glass Window)   Elmslie, ; Purcell and Elmslie  
The Gods of Intertidal Waters   Peterson, Margaret Ellen  
Untitled (Hooked Rug)   unknown  
Untitled (Hatpin)   R. Blackinton and Company  
Source of Sources   Peterson, Margaret Ellen  
Untitled (Green Vase)   Rookwood Pottery Company  
Untitled (Flute)   Riley, E.  
Untitled (Clarinet)   Hopkins, Asa
Untitled (Sugar Bowl)   Fiesta Ware  
Untitled (Vase)   Rookwood Pottery Company  
Untitled (Aquarium Coffee Pot)   Blanding, Don  
Untitled (Cream Jug)   Vernon Kilns  
Untitled (Teapot)   Santa Anita Ware  
Untitled (Plates with Lily D...   Teague, Walter Dorwin  
Untitled (Coffee Pot with Lid)   Weil Ware  
Untitled (Deldare Pitcher)   Buffalo Pottery  
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