Anishinaabe (Ojibwe)

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Untitled (Transformation)   Steinhauer, Stewart
Untitled (Piggyback)   Odjig, Daphne
The Old Swimming Hole   Odjig, Daphne
Loon Family   Morrisseau, Norval RCA  
Eagle Wing Spirit   Laford, John E.
Untitled (Mother and Child)   Odjig, Daphne
The Man Who Painted His Ches...   Kagige, Francis
Deer   Kagige, Francis
Insect Eater   Morrisseau, Norval RCA  
Untitled (Seven Figures, Tre...   Odjig, Daphne
Untitled (Woman Teaching Chi...   Odjig, Daphne
Husking Corn   Odjig, Daphne
The Dancer   Laford, John E.
Small Fish Bones   Laford, John E.
Flying Turtle   Laford, John E.
One Braid Spirit   Laford, John E.
Fire Spirit Dancer   Laford, John E.
Circle Singers   Laford, John E.
Whisky Indian Country   Laford, John E.
Southward Spirit Woman   Laford, John E.
Blue Lightning Spirit   Laford, John E.
Two Medicine Men With Powers   Laford, John E.
Piggy Back   Odjig, Daphne
Untitled (Bath Time)   Odjig, Daphne
Husking Corn   Odjig, Daphne
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