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Artist / Maker : Whetung, Estrella
Title : Mamaazhitoon: Song from the Heart of Nishnaabe-aki
Date (Execution) : 2005
Geographical Origin : Alderville First Nation, Ontario, Canada
Cultural Group : Nishnaabe, Lucbanin
Style / Period : Contemporary 1950 -
Medium / Material  : Acrylic
Support / Technique : canvas
Object Type : acrylic paintings (visual works)
Visual Description : Abstract landscape of water with fish and sky with mountains in the middle.
Accession # : U008.30.2
Width (cm) : 60.40
Height (cm) : 60.60
Depth (cm) : 2.40
Mandatory Credit : Gift of Estrella Whetung
Artist Statement : Mamaazhitoon: Song from the Heart of Nishnaabe-aki" (2005) was made and inspired by Camosun College's Indigenization Project. The piece highlights two design features that are integral in Nishinaabe art: one, the representation of the spirit world; and, two, the heart's connection to the spirit. Each circle represents manidoog or spirits. While the hearts are connected through lines to the spirits. While this is a Nishnaabe painting that embodies our profound respect for creation, balance, life, and all that exists in nature, it is also meant to be respectful to the territory of the Indigenous peoples on the coast. Therefore, many of the fish shown represent salmon. Overall, it's about prevailing over the injustices in life and creating change for the better. "Mississaugas of Alderville First Nation" was in the Geographic Origin. Since the Mississaugas are a people not a location, I have removed this part of the geographic origin. - Orvis Starkweather 2019-04-20