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Artist / Maker : Josiah Wedgwood and Sons
Title : Untitled (Plate)
Date (Execution) : n.d.
Geographical Origin : England
Cultural Group : British
Style / Period : Contemporary 1950 -
Medium / Material  : Ceramic; enamel paint; glaze
Support / Technique :
Object Type : plates (general, dishes)
Visual Description : Pattern #35 brown , purple and yellow shooting star floral pattern. It is a round-shaped plate. The top view of the plate isa continuing pattern surrounding the out-skirt of the plate. Within the pattern the central section sinks in at about 1.2cm deep. The major colour of the plate is off white. The pattern is composed of a heavy brown line as the outside border, then a thin brown line running along it at the inside. Both lines are only 0.1cm apart. The major design of the pattern is a continuous running of twelve plants. One connects to the other without breaking. The twelve plants are identical. The stem of the plan is in brown. The two long leaves are in brown too, but there are two tones of brown on a leaf. One is the basic tone of the overall brown of the plate. The other is lighter and yellowish. beneath the leaves there are two blossom-like motifs hanging down on each side. The motif is in maroon and yellow. Following the above-hanging pairs , there is a set of two chestnut-shaped objects hanging on each side. The chestnut set is one in brown on top of the one in red. The third hanging pair is two red cherry-like objects, one on each side. About 1.15cm from the centre of the plant design, there is another brown light line in front of a circle to enclose the design pattern. The bottom view of the plate is two concentric circles in plain off-white. The outer band is 2.7cm in width. There is a mark of 0.25cm high "N [degree]35" printed at about the centre (referencing the pattern of the manufacturer). There is one distinct and two not-so-obvious triangular-shaped marks in the off-white section. This may have been caused during putting on the glazing.
Accession # : U984.2.1
Width (cm) : 25.00
Height (cm) : 2.50
Depth (cm) : 25.00
Mandatory Credit : Gift of Van Daam Antiques
Artist Statement :