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Untitled (American Craftsman...   M969.13.104 Oak; leather 
Untitled (American Craftsma...   M969.13.105 Oak; leather 
Untitled (Mission side board)   M969.13.10 Oak 
Untitled (Mission Style Stra...   M969.10.1 Wood/leather
Untitled (Leaded Window)   M969.1.2 Glass; Lead 
Untitled (China Cabinet)   M969.1.1 Mahogany, maple and leaded glass 
Untitled (double bed)   M968.8.2 Wood; mahogany 
Untitled (Original Tiffany L...   M968.7.1 Stained glass; leaded shade; copper foil technique 
Untitled (Mosque Bench)   M964.1.88 Wood; Mother-Of-Pearl 
Untitled (Hall Mirror)   M964.1.85 Oak; glass; copper 
Untitled (Screen)   M964.1.81 Wood 
Untitled (Screen with Painte...   M964.1.82 watercolour and gouache 
Untitled (Arm Chair)   M964.1.567 Oak 
Untitled (Gothic Revival Cha...   M964.1.566 Oak 
Untitled (Four Chairs)   M964.1.539 Wood 
Untitled (Chair)   M964.1.537 Bamboo; Paint 
Untitled (Screen with collag...   M964.1.48 pen and ink on paper, wood frame 
Untitled (Lamp Stand)   M964.1.447 Wood, walnut 
Untitled (Leather Stool)   M964.1.441 Leather 
Untitled (Carved Oak Chest)   M964.1.44 Wood, Oak 
Untitled (Carved Oak Bible B...   M964.1.40 Wood, Oak 
Untitled (Music Stool)   M964.1.353 Wood
Untitled (Gilt Mirror)   M964.1.326 Wood, glass 
Untitled (Chinese Vase Stand)   M964.1.302 Wood 
Untitled (Chest)   M964.1.295 Oak 
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