Records where Geographical Origin is "London, England"

Projectile Series, 1964   Bowen, Denis  
1987 Exhibition Poster: Prin...   Unknown,
Approaching Eagle Nebula   Bowen, Denis  
A Car's Reflection   Raginsky, Nina
English Silver Taper stick   Unknown  
English Silver Mustard Pot w...   I.J.,  
English Silver Goblet   Eley, William  
Serious Young Man   Raginsky, Nina
Untitled (Pewter Pitcher)   Unknown
Untitled (Pewter Pitcher)   Unknown
Untitled (Pewter Pitcher)   Unknown
Untitled (Large Pewter Plate)   Unknown; BG
Untitled (Large Pewter Plate)   Westcott, John
Man on Large-Wheeled Bike wi...   Raginsky, Nina  
Couple in Diner Booth   Raginsky, Nina  
Old Man near "Bass" Sign   Raginsky, Nina  
The Railway Station   Frith, W. P.  
Untitled (Mahogany Brass-Ban...   S.W. Silber and Company,  
Untitled (Victorian mahogany...   London, W.J. & S.
English Silver Knife   Unknown  
Pair of Hallmark Silver Spoons   Fullerton, Jackson  
English Silver Coffee Server   Dengilow, John  
English Silver Creamer   Bateman, Anne ; Bateman, Peter  
Sterling Silver Candlesticks   Black, Louis  
English Silver Cream Jug   Brind, Walter  
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